Thursday, 9 October 2008

Child Poverty Day

This Post was written by Anne from Annes Kitchen

What are you doing for lunch on the 17th October? Chances are even the most planned of us haven't even thought that far ahead yet!

Well this year why not do something different and instead of buying your lunch in, take a packed lunch to work / school / university etc and donate the money you would have spent to Child Poverty Day, you can find more information here:

Why not get your family, friends and colleagues involved too? You can register on their website and download posters, fundraising tips etc, I currently have a pile to blu-tack around my office!
I will be posting my favourite lunch recipes in due course to give you some ideas!

I am also planning to bake and auction them off to raise further funds, is there anything you could do maybe in your place of work? An interesting idea on their website is ask the Police very nicely to 'borrow' a cell for the night and sponsor your boss / director etc to spend the night!! Am sure if you pay enough and ask very nicely they might even keep them longer!


Lizzie said...

Thanks for posting this, Anne!

My friend works for Action Aid and asked me to pass along the message. I thought it would be fun if we could blog about a packed lunch and donate the money.


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