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Another competition - the Cuisine Cup

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Hi all,

Another competition, I think this will be of enormous interest to alot of members here (including me!).

I was at L'Atelier de Chefs yesterday for one of their lunchtime cooking classes and they mentioned a competition that they are running - the Cuisine Cup. Basically, to enter you need to create a salmon dish and enter it, 12 finalists will battle it out in their kitchen in London for the UK heat, and the winner of this, gets to go to Norway for 4 days. there are also prizes of a £75 gourmet gift vouchers for all of the London finalists.

I found this info on their blog and there's more info here:

After the success of Cuisine Cup last year, L’atelier des Chefs launches the second edition of Cuisine Cup!

  • What is “Cuisine Cup”?

Cuisine cup is the first free “European” cookery cup for amateurs (because it happens in France, Belgium and here...)! It is a contest during which non professional cooks compete by cooking their most amazing recipes!

If you love cooking, if you are an advanced cook or just a beginner do not hesitate to dash into the adventure of Cuisine Cup 2009! Have no complex: everybody can participate at any level. There is one exception: Professional Chefs are not allowed!

This challenge appeals to your culinary creativity, your capacity of improvisation and your speed of execution in cooking. Products and cookery subjects are chosen by the jury.

  • How does it work?

This is really simple to participate in Cuisine Cup! Log on to and apply before November the 10th by posting the recipe of your choice around the "Salmon" ingredient.

12 candidates by city will be held and will participate in the days of qualification which will take place in the closest atelier from your home: Paris Lyon - Bordeaux - Brussels - Nantes - Lille – London

The 23rd of November is the day of the qualification of the best cook by the jury in London.

From January you will be able to follow the episodes of this contest on internet

After the tests, only one candidate by city will be held by the members of the jury to participate in the big final. The semi and grand-final will happen on the 8th of February in Paris!

  • What to win?

The cooks who will be qualified will win L’atelier des Chefs' aprons. Gourmet Gift Vouchers of the amount of £72 will be offer for the quarter-finalists. The 8 semi-finalists will win a wonderful 4 day-journey to Norway! And our finalist will win amazing household appliance!

  • Who is the Jury?

We will have 2 famous Chefs in London: Pascal Aussignac from le « Club Gascon » (1 star) and Will Torrent who is an English pastry champion at the world championships.

Trish Deseine, the famous cookery writer, will be our president of honour!

Then, ready to take up the challenge? Log on right now to .

After Eva last year, why not become the winner of this cookery cup?

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