Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wholesome Lunchbox

This Post was written by Margot from Coffee and Vanilla.
Here is a post from my blog, that I thought would be of interest for some UK food bloggers.

Recently I have been looking for some lunchbox ideas for kids and I could not find that many of them. So I decided to announce this event to collect some of the recipes in one place. I don't want to limit entries to kid's lunchboxes, so even if you don't prepare lunch for children, you can enter any recipe that is good to put in a box and take as a lunch with you. I will post summary with links to all entries on the weekend 16th-17th of February.

Please send all entries by 15th of February (midnight, UK time)at:
coffeeandvanilla(at)416studios(dot)co(dot)uk with “Wholesome Lunchbox” in the subject line, including:

- link to your post
- your name
- your blog name
- location

1. Your entry has to be lunchbox food, preferably easy to prepare and healthy.

If it is a lunch for kids it should contain one item from each of five categories:
- Tummy fillers (sandwich, wrap, muffin, quiche, pizza slice, pasta salad, rice salad, couscous salad etc.),
- Five-a-day options (fresh, tinned or dried fruits, nuts, seeds, fruit salad, jelly made with fruit pieces and natural juice, raw vegetables),
- Dairy products for growing bones (yogurt, fromage frais, rice pudding, custard, cottage cheese, raita, cream cheese),
- Snacks / Treat (small piece of cake, chocolate bar, mini pastry, cookie, flapjack, crackers, bread sticks),
- Drinks (water, milkshake, smoothie, juice).

2. Your entry can be post from your blog archive, or posted especially for this event.

3. Please use event banner in your entry linking back to:

Looking forward seeing your entries.... Margot

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Rosie said...

Hi Margot, great idea will try and come up with something for this :D

Rosie x