Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Great British Grub!

This Post was written by Raymond from Great British Grub!

1. Where Are You Based? I live in an apartment in the city centre of Manchester. Right next to Piccadilly Gardens so you can't any more central!

2. How Long Have You Been Blogging? Not long really! I would say just over a month! I was inspired by a friends blog.. Peckish?

3. What's The Best Thing About Food Blogging? In order to find something to write about, I find myself cooking more interesting food and going out a lot more so that I can review events etc. I also find myself being educated about good food in the process!

4. What's The Worst Thing About Food Blogging? Trying to find something to say that can be of use or interest to the masses! Well, maybe when my blog gets up and running a bit more I can say the masses :o) Also, finding recipes, ales and restaurants that I have used or tried in the past to review. I've a terrible memory so some brilliant material just gets lost!

5. What Inspires You To Cook And Write? Being able to provide something new and exiting on the table for my partner inspires me to cook, but to write? I think that is just something I have in me anyway!

6. Where Do You Like To Blog? Always in my study! It's the only place I have peace and quiet!

7. What's Your Signature Dish? I don't really have one, but I make a mean Spaggetti Bolognaise or a Vodka and Lemon Sorbet!

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