Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Google search, Google ads

This Post was written by Joanna from Joanna's Food

I'm thinking of putting Google Ads on my blog, and I wondered if anyone had any advice about what works and what doesn't. Or if anyone recommends a different ad service?

Also, can someone please tell me how to put a Google this blog search facility onto my blog? I can't work it out at all



Alex said...

Hi Joanna - I've had google ads on my site for quite a while and I'd recommend them. Not sure what you mean bout what works and what doesn't ... have you got a more specific question?

I'll have a look at the google blog search later.


Joanna said...

Alex, thanks ... I was really wondering if using the banner ad rather than a sidebar ad is more successful, which is what they say. Also whether you've tried different designs ... I have found it very difficult to work out which ones on their website are the ones I like the look of in other people's blogs.

And, now Google is making me feel completely stupid ... I can't find anywhere how you can do the "Google search this blog" thing ... which would be great, as I'm hosted by blogger ;)

Thanks for you help