Saturday, 15 September 2007

Welcome to our New Joiners...and an Apology

Firstly let me say a very big welcome to all our new joiners, it's great to have you here. What a lot of fantastic UK food blogs there are out there - and it's great to see so many new ones being started.

I would like to apologise for the length of time it sometimes takes for me to action your requests to join. I know this is a rather lame excuse but with working full time and running two blogs it does sometimes take me a while to get round to it. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding.

I've just been though all the outstanding emails and actioned them. I hope I haven't missed anyone out but if you think I have do drop me an email again.

I'm looking forward to seeing all your introductory posts, and please do feel free to post anything you feel will be relevant and of interest to your fellow UK food bloggers. Happy posting!

This Post was written by Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie


Joanna said...

I'm sure everyone understands that this kind of blog is run by people in their spare time, and they sometimes get waylaid by the demands of their life! So, no, it's not a lame excuse, it's how it is ... thank you for all the work you put in for us all to share


Coffee & Vanilla said...

Julia, no problem at all.
Have a wonderful evening Everyone!

Rosie said...

Julia, many, many thanks for all your hard work on the U.K. blog.