Friday, 7 September 2007

Looks Like The Calendar's Been Hit By A Googly

This Post was written by Trig from Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef

From what I can see, Google has been making some changes to the code for Google Calendar, as a result of which the UKFBA Calendar on my blog, here and elsewhere alternately appears blank and then with data that can't be read properly given the width of most of our sidebars. I'm pursuing it on Google Communities but if anyone else can post a question/complaint anywhere it would be helpful.



Nick at The Tracing Paper said...

Hi Trig
I had a similar problem the other day with the code for Google Reader clips. I eventually struck on the simple solution of simply repasting the changed code. Might this work for the calendar? It would be nice of Google to give some warning of these changes.

Trig said...

Thanks Nick. It's now partly working after repasting in the changed code. It still requires more than 240px width to display the enlarged details of events.

Note to Julia - only you have access to the UKFBA blog sidebar, so only you can re-paste the code. Click on Calendar Details and the code can be found by clicking the blue "HTML" button.

Trig said...

No - it seems that the problem is to do with the Google code. There's a temporary fix involving removal of cookies but this doesn't work properly. The Google Calendar people are aware and looking into the problem.