Thursday, 6 September 2007

Keeping an Eye on UK Food Blogs

This Post was written by Nick from FeedReel on Food and Drink (and The Tracing Paper.

Keeping up with the many superb posts on UK food blogs isn't always easy. Feed readers are a great help but you still have to collect the feeds. Having rather obsessively gathered all the feeds I can find for UK food (and drink) blogs, I've now made the results available on a new website -

FeedReel collates feeds to create a constantly updated list of the titles of newly posted articles on UK food blogs, as well as maintaining a directory of blogs and other sites. I hope that other blog readers will find this as useful as I do, and that it will help drive traffic to all our deserving blogs.

I've also revamped my UK Food Blog search to include other food sites - try it at FeedReel. There are refinements to narrow search results to blogs and other areas of interest.

Please try FeedReel and let me know what you think. I'm planning to continue to improve it and introduce new features. If you'd like to be kept up to date, drop me an email at nick[at]

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Stockton said...

good work, im sure that will come in very handy....!