Thursday, 13 November 2008

Calling All London Bloggers

This Post was written by Andrew Webb from and Channel 4's Big British Food Map.

Hi all, next week is the final week of the Big British Food Map, a seven month food tour of the UK's best shops, restaurants and producers guided by the public.

I'm in central London next week and am wondering if any of my fellow food bloggers would like to meet up and tell me - on camera - what their favourite food haunts are and together we'd pay them a visit, if my tiny budget stretches to it I may even be able to pay for something! We'll link to your blog from the Channel 4 food site in return and you'll get to see your face on the smallest screen.

Interested? Drop me a line at bigfoodmap at channel 4 dot com


PS. This was the best hot chocolate I've ever had... pity you have to go to the north west tip of Scotland to get it!


Browners said...

Hi there... what a coincidence. I just visited your blog about an hour before reading this and "borrowed" a picture of Bodeans. Hope you don't mind. I've linked back to you etc. Let me know if not.

I was just checking out how your project is going and was disappointed you didn't manage to find Volks coffee in Whitstable. I guess it's a bit elusive.

Good luck in London.

Nickname unavailable said...

hi browners, from the people I met in Whitstable, it seems Volks has been moved on. . . nary a sign of him on the the harbour.

As for the picture of Bodeans, was if borrowed from or Eating Albion or ? The latter two are mine and are probably released under a CC (no making money) agreement with the link back.


Mr Mantle said...

Hi!! Please let me know if you are planning on venturing down to the East of London. There is pie and bagels to be had! Eels optional and mash a must.

Andrew Webb said...

Hi Mr Mantle,

I was planning to head east on thursday maybe. Are you around and would you like to meet up?

Mary said...

I like the way you writing!

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