Saturday, 9 August 2008

Beer2go with food

This Post was written by Paul Garrard from RealAleBlog

Beer is the perfect accompaniment to food !
No other drink is quite as versatile or offers such a variety of flavours. Different beers are able to complement a whole range of different tastes and food styles. It is particularly good at coping with spicy food.

For a handy crib-sheet with some of our suggestions for beer with food matching:
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sharyl said...

Wine is generally considered to be the natural dinner time drink, yet with campaign groups such as CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) promoting the consumption of quality beer with food, this could be set to change. Food writers and restaurants are steadily taking up the case for beer over wine, with establishments dedicated to the cause emerging: The Brew Wharf in Borough, London brews two ales on site, whilst specialist beer producer 'Meantime' supply the rest of their stock. Their blend of bistro cooking with authentic quality beer promises to champion the case for beer as the food connoisseurs drink of choice: Beer menu anyone?

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