Sunday, 3 February 2008

Let me introduce myself.... I'm Maninas

This Post was written by MANINAS from Maninas: Food Matters

It's about time I said hello to everyone here, given that I've been a member for ages. Sorry about that... My name is Maninas and I’m a foodie from Croatia,now living in the UK with my British husband. I've embarked on a fabulous journey through the world of food, looking for tasty morsels and good stories!

1. How long have you been blogging?

I've been blogging since May 2007, and loving it! It's become a little more difficult to find some time to do it, but I'm determined to keep going!

2. What's the best thing about food blogging?

My food blog is my creative playground, and a place where I can share it with friends and other foodies. Also, it gives us an amazing insight into so many kitchens of the world! Now that is truly fantastic!

3. What's the worst thing about food blogging?

a) not having enough time to do it
b) cold food! by the time I took all the photos.... :)

5. What inspires you to cook and write?

Food itself, all the gorgeous ingredients, aromas, flavours... Also, travelling the world through it's foods! At the moment, I am particularly interested in Indian cuisine, but other cuisines, including Croatian and British of course, feature in my blog!

6. Where do you like to blog?

At home, in the comfort of my living room.
I'm good - no blogging at work!

7. What's your signature dish?

Hm, I don't really have one specific signature dish yet... If I had to choose one, I guess it would be my own creation: grilled halloumi with red chili, basil, lime juice and olive oil dressing (pictured below). It symbolises everything I love about food and cooking: inspiration, experimentation, bold flavours and discoveries. I was hugely inspired by the combination of flavours and ingredients. This simple recipe has it all: chilies, which I can hardly live without nowadays; basil, which is an amazing herb; lime juice for the sour taste that I’ve become addicted to; and olive oil, which is an old comforting (family) friend, omnipresent in Dalmatian cooking (and used a little excessively by my Dad, to put it mildly). It also has tomatoes, one of my favourite vegetables, so versatile and so delicious whether cooked or raw; and halloumi, a type of mild Cypriot cheese, which is one of the discoveries I made this year.

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