Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Advertising on your Blog

This Post was written by Lynn from Lynn's Cooking Blog

I got an e-mail today. Not, I hasten to add, an unusual event, but it was an e-mail for a new advertising 'platform'. It's for something called 'ebuzzing'. I assume that others got one as well. It got me thinking.

I didn't set up my blog to make money, but to try and communicate with other foodies the joy that I get from cooking. I'm all for making money, but I wonder of allowing adverts on our blogs demeans them and makes them just another web page.

"ebuzzing allows bloggers to earn money by publicising things they actually like, and even to define their own price for doing so." That doesn't sound too painful, but when I think more about it, it seems to me that what it will allow is advertisers to pay peanuts for publicity, and also to create a doubt in readers minds - are we talking about a product because we actually like it, or because we're getting paid for it?

I'd like your views on this please.

Lynn xxx


Alex said...

I got the email too. I haven't had a chance to look into it too deeply yet, but if it's kosher, I'm open minded.

I have google ads on my site (I've made a whole $1.80 this month!) and I also use amazon affiliates.

I guess it becomes a case of working out how much advertising you're willing to have, and who is offering you the best deal.

Holler said...

I personally, am not interested in putting any advertising on my blog as I find it irritating! However, a friend of mine added foodbuzz to her blog and I have to say it is much more tasteful and less intrusive than most advertising!

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