Monday, 28 January 2008

OFM Eco Foodies

This Post was written by Jonathan from Foodari

The Observer Food Monthly always causes excitement in the Foodari household and we were particularly impressed by yesterday’s focus on the top eco foodies. Whilst I may or may not agree with their grading, and I think there was far more scope for local food heroes, it did raise the profile of one of the key issues of our time – food provenance.

Channel 4 and Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall can take much credit for generating the latest wave of eco interest. For the past 5 years the organic and free range movement has grown in statue and importance, but coverage has generally been restricted to the middle classes. What I was delighted to see in the interview with HFW was an illustration of how easy it can be to eat quality food of proven provenance without impact on the weekly budget.

I admit that my first coverage of the Chicken Out campaign was a critic of seemingly sensationalist television, but I was wrong. HFW is worthy of his number one position in the Observer chart; he is truly passionate about reducing food miles, carbon footprints and encouraging local seasonal eating. He also demonstrates how free range chickens should not dent the weekly budget - firstly as they are extremely good value compared to any red meat and secondly because one chicken can feed a family for 2 if not 3 meals from one bird.

Keep up the good work OFM and we at Foodari hope to play a part of what will need to be a long, sustained campaign.

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