Tuesday, 20 November 2007


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With the recent arrival of the Christmas market in Manchester, I have been spured into sharing my recipe for the liquor of festive cheer know as Glühwein. The really great thing with Glühwein is that it tends to be better with rough dark red wines, which in my view, have an overpowering bitter taste. The trick is to heat the wine with the spices and make sure you do not boil the mixture, because boiling will burn off most of the alcohol since it has a lower boiling point than water. This drink should help overcome the bitter winter cold, though remember that this is still a highly alcoholic drink so please drink sensibly and in moderation!

02 Bottles of Red Wine
04 Small Oranges
01 Large Lemon
02 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
12 Cloves
02 Sticks of Cinnamon

1) Insert four of the cloves into three of the small oranges;
2) Grate the peel from the last orange and the lemon;
3) Squeeze the juice from the last orange and the lemon into a cup;
4) Add the oranges and both the grated peels to into a large pan;
5) Add the Cinnamon sticks;
6) Pour the wine into the pan and warm to about 60C (140F);
7) Add the orange & lemon juice;
8) Add the brown sugar to taste and stir;
9) Serve in warmed glasses.

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