Friday, 18 May 2007

Getting to know you

This Post was written by PADMAJA from Spicyandhra

1. Where are you based?

2. How long have you been blogging?
Since 2006

3. What's the best thing about food blogging?

Meeting likeminded people, my blog has given me the space where I can record my culinary expeditions, day to day ramblings and where I do spend a lot of enjoyable time with family n friends

4. What's the worst thing about food blogging?
Not having enough time to do what I really want to do as Work commitments take over

5. What inspires you to cook and write?
The sense of accomplishment after trying my hand at something different, and the critic at home can’t stop praising the dish!!!!

6. Where do you like to blog?
At home

7. What's your signature dish?
I've loads n loads of recipes with my personal tinge, as I struggle to follow any recipe from cookbooks...

8. What about you might surprise other food bloggers to know?
For the first 24 years of my life, I have been so fussy with my eating habits and never went into a kitchen let alone cooking. I really don’t know what triggered and how I slowly turned so passionate about food that I absolutely in love with food now.

1 comment:

Julia said...

Welcome! You've been blogging the same time as me, I also started in September 2006. AND, I was also a fussy eater when I was younger, so we have quite a bit in common!