Friday, 25 May 2007

BBC Television Series, may be of interest

4x1hr for BBC2 Primetime

“Back in Business” (working title) is a new series for BBC2 primetime produced by Twenty Twenty Television, one of the UK’s leading production companies responsible for such programmes as BAFTA award winning The Choir, Broadcast and Indie award winning That’ll Teach ‘em, Wakey Wakey Campers and the Emmy award winning Brat Camp. It is due to air in autumn 2007.

In this exciting new four part series, we’ll be looking at 50-65 year olds who want to get back into the workplace. In each programme, we’ll follow our older candidate in their bid to break back into an industry in which they once worked. Pitted against them, and competing for the same job, in the same company, will be a fresh faced, twenty-something, looking for their first break. At the end of a one-month competitive probation period, only one will succeed and will be offered further work at the company. We want to see if age and experience is worth more than youthful enthusiasm or vice versa?

“In a survey of 300 employers, 80% said that they supported the idea of people working into their 60s but 75% had no employees aged over 60.” (source: Help the Aged). Many people find retirement unfulfilling and find themselves yearning for the routine and social interaction of the workplace. The Government is now trying to increase recruitment from the older employment market and encourage those nearing retirement age to work longer…is this realistic? they want to? put it to the test we’re sending older people back to work.

In the series we will be covering hair styling, advertising, comedy and restaurants and have well known names and companies on board. Our two talented and charismatic candidates from each age group will get the unique opportunity to get their foot in the door at a fantastic company in their chosen industry, and the chance to prove themselves and their generation.

For our restaurant programme, we will be filming at a dynamic and exciting restaurant where its inspiring head chef will train and mentor our candidates over the course of a month. We will set our candidates different tasks, training and goals in keeping with the requirements of the job and compare and contrast their approaches. We will film the process in an observational way, exploring the issues of young and old in the workplace in an interesting, entertaining and thoughtful programme that viewers will enjoy and also learn from. At the end of the month we want to see who comes out on top – young gun or golden oldie?

We are currently looking for talented and passionate chefs aged over 50 who may have found their age has gone against them when trying to get work. We are also looking for enthusiastic young talent aged 18-21, desperate for the opportunity to train in a top restaurant, and get that first break into this competitive world…

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This Post was written by Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie

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