Tuesday, 3 April 2007

UK Food Bloggers

Julia - I don't know who you have sent membership invites to, but here's a list of UK food blogger links that may be helpful. Not everyone by a long way, but perhaps a useful start that others can add to.

101 Things Every Cook Should Cook
A Lot On My Plate
A Slice of Cherry Pie
Aidan Brooks:Trainee Chef
Another Food Blog
Baking for Britain
Bill, Please
Black Salt
Bread, Water, Salt, Oil
Buddha Belly Eats
Can Cook Must Cook
Chalk and Cheese
Cherry's English Kitchen
Confessions of a Serial Griller
Cook Sister
Cosmic Menu of Happiness
Cuisine de Pompey
Culinary Cowgirl
Culinary Hags in London
Curly Pasta
Daydream Delicious
Dos Hermanos
Eat The Right Stuff
Eating Britain
Eating Leeds
Egg Bacon Chips and Beans
English Kitchen
English Patis
Exploding Chef
Fire and Knives
Floyd Uncorked
Food & Drink In London
Food, in the Main
Gastro Chick
Gastronomy Domine
Girl Alive British Food
Gluten Free Journey
Have Fork, Will Travel
I Cook Food
Intrepid Gourmet
Jam Faced
Joanna's Food
Kathryn Cooks
Kitchen Delights
Kitchen Rat
Kristen in London
La Bonne Cuisine
Lemon Soul
Linda's Wine Blog
Living To Eat
London Chef
Lulu Loves London
Marie's Muses
Marlena Spieler
Men's Cookery Club
Mostly Eating
My Latest Supper
Nathalie Bouffe
Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
Quick Indian Cooking
Real Epicurean
Rice and Noodles
Ripe London
Rock'n'Roll Kitchen
Salt and Woodsmoke
San Lorenzo
Silverbrow on Food
Sofa's Blog
Tales of a Sommelier
The Carnivore Project
The Cottage Small Holder
The Daily Bread
The Daily Wine
The Foodie List
The Golden Shrimp
The Passionate Cook
The Pinotage Club
The Thorngrove Table
The Tracing Paper
The Travellers Lunchbox
The Wine Conversation
The Wine Post
Tummy Rumble
Vagrant Appetite
What's The Recipe Today Jim
Who Wants Seconds
Writing at the Kitchen Table
Xochitl Cooks

This Post was written by Trig from Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef


Sorry, I should have credited the sources of blogrolls that I used to put together this list but I quite forgot. These included Becks & Posh, Eating Britain, Kiplog's Food Blog, La Bonne Cuisine and Spittoon Extra (which probably contributed the largest number of entries, so many thanks Andrew). I merged the blogrolls, performed a sort and eliminated the duplicates. Hope I haven't missed any other sources, but I'm sure there are many other UK food blogs out there and I'll keep an eye open with a view to an update later on.


Scott at Real Epicurean said...

That's a lot of blogs. Good word, Trig.

Julia said...

Crikey, that IS a lot of blogs, and a lot of emailing!

I only sent a few emails off, others have since requested to join but I'll see if I can maybe get a few more emails off - I can't promise to make the whole list though! Perhaps you could mention the association to those you're in touch with? If we all spread the work then maybe we'll get everyone.

I need email addresses in order to add people as authors, and obviously that should be done at their request.

Trig said...

I linked to all of them Julia, so leave it for a few days and see who detects the links via Technorati or otherwise and comes knocking.

Julia said...

Ah, good thinking! Cheers Trig.

Marie said...

Impressive list Trig! I'll have to check a few of them out myself!