Monday, 30 April 2007

The UKFBA Calendar Is Live

This Post was written by Trig from Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef

Further to my earlier post and after talking to Julia, I have set up a Google Calendar for the UKFBA. Currently it is owned by me, but if anyone wants to take ownership just let me know as you would be welcome to take over.

Everyone can access the UKFBA Google Calendar. Simply log onto Google Calendar at the hyperlinked address above, using your Google Accounts username and password (create one if you don't already have one).

In the left sidebar you will see "My Calendars" followed by any calendars you own. Below this is "Other Calendars". Click on the "+" icon, type "UK Food Bloggers Association" into the search criteria box and click on "Search". Find our calendar and click on "Add Calendar" and it will appear in the sidebar and be there each time you log onto Google Calendars.

You have a range of options for the calendar, including accessing it privately via Google Calendars, embedding it in your blog as a calendar display or embedding a button that readers can click to take them to the calendar. Most if not all blog host platforms will allow embedding - you don't have to be on Blogger.

Every member of UKFBA can become a contributor to the calendar - this is the idea of setting one up in the first place. I can also give selected users full administration rights (i.e. to configure new users, delete rights, etc.). If you want this higher level of access, please ask Julia to confirm to me by email.

To gain contribution rights, email me your Google Accounts username (this will be the email address you registered with and now enter to log onto Google Accounts and your blog if you have a Blogger blog). PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME YOUR PASSWORD - I don't need these and do not want to expose anyone to risk of improper access to your Google account or blog! Please note that there is a time delay of about 24 hours between being registered on Google Calendars, or updating your access rights, and being able to use the changes.

Rules for the UKFBA calendar

The calendar should address UK events and more global activities that affect the UK (such as Earth Day, for instance). Enter local food festivals, food events, blogging events and deadlines, food "days" and "weeks", etc. Also public holidays, religious festivals etc. because these invariably impact on food and eating. Hopefully I won't need to censor anything, but I will keep an eye on the calendar because it is read accessible to the public and so its contents will reflect on us all.


Julia said...

Great stuff Trig! Thanks so much for doing this and taking the time and trouble to write out such clear instructions and guidelines. I'm sure this will be invaluable to everyone.

Richard Leader said...

Well done Trig! I'll try to contribute when I can find some time...

Trig said...

Send me your Google Account name Richard and I'll add you. The idea is that if we all add in the odd event or two when we have time, the calendar will quickly fill up and be really useful to us and to non-member readers. A lot of people search Google Calendars and will find the UKFBA and its members this way!