Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Artisan-food is off to the Megas....

Ok, occasionally you have to blow your own trumpet, and I make some apology for doing it here. So by way of reparation, first I'll share with you a new cheese we found recently, produced by a tiny cheesemaker in one of the Lake District's remote valleys, also the scene of Britain's favourite view, according to many. It's perfect, but you'll have to visit to get hold of some.

Now for the trumpet blowing, we were absolutely delighted to be shortlisted in the Guardian Media Awards Independent Media category. So it's off to a swanky party in London for us at a 5 rosette joint. Can't be bad. - Martin & Cecilia - creators of - Cumbria's on-line food magazine.

This Post was written by Martin from Artisan-food


Sarah Moore said...

well done artisan foods! i know about your amazing work and am a very big fan of Cumbrian food.

If only I could get my hands on some Wasdale Cheese!

Bravo to you and good luck at the Megas!

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