Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Your Favourite food food places

This Post was written by Andrew Webb from Eating Albion / Channel 4

Hi all. Some of you may have seen a post I put on the UKFBA website a few weeks back about The Big Food Map project I'm doing for Channel 4. See here

Well after asking Julia’s thoughts and permission, I’m back with a big favour to ask. As foodie folk with your ears to the ground, I’d like to ask what your favourite five (or more!) food places are in the UK and add them to our map alongside C4 talent’s favourites so that when it launches on 30th April there’s stuff there for the rest of the public to see and interact with.

So that’s five different food places (their names, locations, contact details if you know them) with a short review/reason (paragraph or so/50 words) on why they’re good, even better if they’re from all over the country.

We’re interested in everything from a bio-dynamic organic grower to a greasy spoon that’s a pillar of the community. Producers, retailers, independent shops, deli’s, butchers, fishmongers, all sorts

What’s in it for you?

Well in return for helping Channel 4 pre-seed the map with content we’ll add a link to your blog in each review you add. (normal users don’t get this) And we’re also writing an article about food blogging and will list those of you who contribute, this’ll have your name, the name of your blog, a link to it and a short bit about you and why you started it, like Julia’s asked you for the UKFBA.

When the map actually launches you’re more than welcome to add more places, and enter a competition to win £100 worth of organic groceries every month.

How do I contribute?
Well you can add a reply on the UKFBA forum, or in the comments below or email me direct at bigfoodmap -at- channel4 -dot- com

Name of Place:
Post Code:
Address: (if you know it)

What kind of place is it? (Choose one of the following, up to three max)
Baker | Deli or specialist | Market | Butcher | Farm Shop | Pub | Local Box Scheme | Fishmonger | Restaurant | Café | Greengrocer | Take away | Sells online |

Good for..? (again choose one of the following, up to three max)
A hangover! | Just the two of you | Fab with Friends | Hearty | Healthy | Traditional | Exotic | Proper Boozer | Posh Nosh | Eccentric Owner! | Al Fresco |
Cosy and snug | I’ll Expense it!

Your Name: (this will appear on the map and link to your blog)
Your Blog URL:
A little bit about you:

That’s it in a nutshell. I know it’s a big ask, but if you’d like to be amongst the first to share your local knowledge with Channel 4 we’d be extremely grateful. The idea behind the big food map is that users suggest the best or most interesting food places, and I go and check it out, interview the owner and publish the video and article on for all to enjoy.

Here’s some more info. Thanks for reading

Who’s doing this?
Andrew Webb, a freelance food writer for Channel 4

How can I contact him?
bigfoodmap -at- channel4 -dot- com

What’s the duration?
27th April to the 17th November 2008

When is he in my area?
April 27th - May 12th - The South West
May 13th - May 31th - Wales
June 1st - June 21st - The West Midlands
June 22nd - July 9th - The North West
July 10th - August 16th - Scotland
August 17th - Sept 1st - The North East
Sept 2nd - Sept 21st - Humber and the Yorkshires
Sept 22nd - Oct 8th - East Midlands
Oct 9th - Oct 24th - East Anglia
Oct 25th - Nov 26th - South East and London

Where’s this appearing?
Articles, photos and videos on which
Regularly gets 5 million page impressions a week

The Big British Food Map

Britain, it seems, is in the throes of a food revolution. Channel 4's Big Food Fight season of programmes throughout January united Channel 4's food talent in a quest to get people thinking about what they are eating and cooking better quality food. The reaction to the season, both from viewers and 4Food users alike was huge. What is clear is that as a nation we want to know more about where our food comes from, and crucially we are willing to vote with our feet and make real consumer changes.

The Big British Food Map is one man's quest to harness our collective knowledge of interesting and delicious food across Britain and the stories and people behind those products. Even if most of us still do our weekly shop in a supermarket, we all know of at least one or two places, be they near our homes, near work, or where we go on holiday, where we can buy or eat really good food. Maybe you know a farmer, a grower, manufacturer, producer or an independent retailer? Or a great restaurant or pub that's at the heart of the local community. We also want to hear from food bloggers, have you got your ear to the ground in your area and want to show Andrew around? We want to hear and share the food stories of Britain, and meet the people behind them.

Andrew Webb is the food lover who will embark on a journey across Britain, region by region, gathering suggestions from users about their favourite food places, visiting those places, trying the food and meeting the people who make it, and writing about his experiences on 4Food.


Ryan's Recipe Blog said...

I have got a few places to add:

Name of Place: Borough Market
Post Code:
Address: (if you know it)

What kind of place is it?
Deli or specialist | Market | Butcher |

Good for..? (again choose one of the following, up to three max)
Traditional | Exotic | Posh Nosh

Name of Place: Fifteen Cornwall
Address: Watergate Bay, Newquay

What kind of place is it? Restaurant

Good for..? (again choose one of the following, up to three max)
Fab with Friends | Posh Nosh |
great beach front location!

Your Name: Ryan De Vooght-Johnson
Your Blog URL:
A little bit about you: I live near Cambridge and love trying out all new foods!

Jane K said...

Dorchester Abbey Tearoom

Dorchester on Thames.

Traditional teas.

Fantastic, brill marvellous.