Saturday, 1 March 2008

Staffordshire Oatcakes

What's a "Tunstall Tortilla", or a "Potteries Poppadom", or a "Clay Suzette"? They're some of the names given by the locals to Staffordshire oatcakes. Staffordshire oatcakes are a fantastic fast food available around Stoke on Trent. Made with oats they're fairly healthy (but most locals would have bacon and cheese and possibly other fillings on top). They're very cheap, where else can you get a cooked meal and change from a pound?

The shops are run by some great characters (pictured above is Oatcakes and Pikelets which is situated opposite Hanley's Central Forest Park). Every shop is slightly different, and has it's own secret recipe. See here for a map of all the shops that I'm aware of (I'm working my way around each one to try and find the best).

The reason for this post is to alert you to the disappearance of the last Hole in the Wall oatcake shop. This historical gem is facing demolition and the local paper, The Sentinel, has launched a petition to help save the world's last remaining hole in the wall oatcake shop. Should the National Trust step in (like it has with the Birmingham back to backs)?

When I asked Glenn Fowler for permission to take the photographs below of the Hole in the Wall, he said (tongue in cheek) "they'll be valuable when we're gone"!

This Post was written by Bill from Good Food Shops.


Nilmandra said...

I have never heard of Staffordshire oatcakes and would love to try some. "Potteries Poppadom" made me chuckle. I've read the linked website and related articles and signed the petition. I really hope for a secure future for this shop. Thanks for highlighting this.

Leigh said...

nice post - some good work here.