Tuesday, 12 February 2008

SnackShots #2 - Leek

On the 1st of March Wales celebrates St David’s Day in remembrance of the death of Saint David who died on 1 March 589. Every year a huge parade is held in Cardiff and it sure looks like something to behold. Wales has two national emblems: the daffodil and leek. As pretty as the yellow flower is we unfortunately can not eat it, so let’s make this event about the leek.

How do you like your leeks? Baked, steamed or fried? Maybe you’d like to show off your abstract photography skills by playing with the fine lines and concentric circles of the vegetable. Whatever you do, we want to see it!

Are you a fan of the leek? Then why not write about it as well!

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This Post was written by Michelle from Greedy Gourmet

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