Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Chicken Out!

This Post was written by Scott from RealEpicurean

Hi all,
Happy New Year! Most of you might have already seen the email I'm about to post, but for those that haven't, take note please...

Dear Friend of River Cottage,

Here’s a quick reminder that our new River Cottage series, Hugh’s Chicken Run starts tonight (Monday 7th Jan) at 9pm. We are really excited over the next three days that we can really drive this campaign hard.

So far, we've got over 19,000 sign-ups before the show has even aired, so it’ll be great to see how far we can push this. We’ve got loads of celebrity support too including Rosie Boycott, Jamie Oliver, Bill Oddie, Jonathan Ross and even the Chickens of Aardman Animations ‘Chicken Run’! Who are all helping to spread the campaign to the widest possible audience. A full list can be seen here.

You may well also of seen plenty of press activity too, with major pieces in the Independent, Sunday Times and Saturday Mail. The RSPCA and Compassion In World Farming have all made their own direct pleas to get this top of the publics new years wish list.

But there’s still more you can help us with, if you’ve not already, please help...

1. Sign Up! Please.

2. Send the campaign to all your friends, family and colleagues – get them to sign up and get them to pass it on to their address list too

You can do that easily by either forwarding this mail or go to our send to a friend feature.

3. Display our campaign banner(s) and ‘pledgometer’ on your website, facebook pages or blogs, or hassle website owners to do so, or tell us where we should be putting them – the pledgometers are all linked together so they will all count into the same total, the more running the better!

Please see here for details of how to add the bannners to your site. Website suggestions to campaign@chickenout.tv.

4. Ask your local free-range poultry supplier to display one of our posters – available here and upload your free-range supplier to the list at www.freerangereview.com.

For full show details please here.

Once again, many thanks, we hope you enjoy the shows

Hugh and the River Cottage Team.


Trig said...

Let me add my voice to that, Scott.
Do all sign up to the campaign and watch the programmes if possible. I've been keeping up-to-date with them even though I'm out of the country.

I've asked the Chicken Out campaign team to produce a real-time membership flash video banner that remains silent, because the current one is a bit off-putting in your sidebar.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

The programmes were always going to be of interest to people who enjoy and understand what real food is about.

The article and comments over on the Guardian blog Word of Mouth makes interesting reading but it sort of makes me want to put my head under the duvet and hide - Great campaigner I'd make! This from the mother who used to freak if anything non organic went within a foot of her first child!

Trig, nice one re: request for silent banner. Can you post or e-mail if/when they get back to you. Hope all well in BCN.

Trig said...

The silent counter is now available on the Chicken Out website. It makes an initial noise as it sets up the number of signed up supporters, but then remains silent as the counter updates.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Excellent work, Aiden!