Saturday, 10 November 2007

Cooking the Books

This Post was written by Alex from Eating Leeds

Just a note to say that the new channel 5 cook book program, Cooking the Books, starts on Monday at 6:30pm.

Quite a few people have either been invited on or have already gone on it.

And Andy & I (aka team Eating Leeds) should be in the first episode!

If you're on subsequent episodes, please post and let the rest of us know!


Sophie said...

Hi Alex,

I've taken part in one of these (an episode with Bill Granger on it). I'm surprised the programme is airing so soon - I must drop them a line and find out when that particular episode is on. Look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Marie said...

I was in attendance at one of the tapings as well. I am not sure which day the one I was at will be on, but Paul Rankin was the main chef and the other one was James Tanner. Celeb guest was Vanessa Feltz and the two chefs did a brownie bake off. Paul showed Vanessa how to filet a fish and he cooked pigeon breasts with a carrot and parsnip mash. I guess I shall have to tape each day to see which one I will be in. I didn't get the impression that they would let me know. I could be wrong though!

Claire said...

Poo. I missed it. I got on the later train home! x

Sophie said...

I think the episode I went along to is on tonight (repeated Thursday lunchtime).

If it turns out to be the one with Bill Granger and Valentina Harris then I'm the person on at the end who gets to pick between the two dishes!

Mostly Eating

Sophie said...

oops, no, apparently it has been moved to Thursday night!


Mostly Eating

Niamheen said...

Ah! I was invited but it's not a very good time for me so never arranged it. How did it go? Did you enjoy it? I am never at home early enough to see the show.

Sophie said...

Hi Niamheen,

I thought it was quite good fun as I've never been to a TV recording before and so it was interesting to see how it all works. I also got to meet Bill Granger who is one of my heroes, so I enjoyed that part!

The bit that wasn't so good is that the audience didn't really get to taste any of the food which was a bit of a disappointment :-)