Friday, 17 August 2007

An introduction from Anne @ Annes Kitchen

1. Where are you based?
In Staines, very near to Heathrow Airport!

2. How long have you been blogging?
On and off about two years

3. What's the best thing about food blogging?
Putting my thoughts down in writing, my friends and family have started to tire of my constant food talk, so my blog is a good release of built up thoughts!!

4. What's the worst thing about food blogging?
That I never seem to quite get the whole html code thing right and words seem to move around all by themselves..

5. What inspires you to cook and write?
Everyday life, sometimes it’s a memory of a place I have been, a smell of something or even a picture! I love trying out new dishes and discovering new foods, that in turn I could make into something great!

6. Where do you like to blog?
At home mainly as far too busy at work!! Like to unwind at home with a glass of wine and update my blog

7. What's your signature dish?
I have been asked this before..and I really do not know what to choose!! Most often made is tuna & spinach pasta bake but that sounds pretty lame, however is loved by all!!

8. What about you might it surprise other bloggers to know?
That I only learnt to cook three years ago!

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