Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Britain's Best Dish 2007 - The Search Is On

Hi everyone, I received this email which I thought would be of interest to you all:

My name is Thomas Dearden; I am working as a researcher for ITV’s newest cookery programme. It's a show called Britain 's Best Dish which will be the flagship of ITV's summer programming. Over the past week I have contacted as many food bloggers in the UK as I have been able to find, I hope I have not been annoying! Just to let you know, if you’ve not hear already, we will be holding open auditions around the country on the following dates;

21st April - Manchester
29th April - Cardiff
5th May - Norwich
12th May - Birmingham
19th May - London

At the auditions the cooks will be asked to pitch their Signature Dish to the panel of some of the world's top chefs and explain how it will be cooked and presented. This signature dish can be a starter, main course or a dessert.

24 from each region will go to the cook-offs at the ITV studios where they will cook their signature dish live in the studio. Their will be cash prizes for winners of each section and the overall winner will win £10,000.

The proviso is that each dish must be able to be cooked within one hour and must be an original recipe (not copied from a book). The emphasis for this show is on creativity, culinary knowledge and originality. We are looking for the best dish in Britain , made from the finest ingredients and cooked by the amateur. This will be a really fun show, everybody involved is passionate about their food and hopefully we will be getting people at home back in the kitchen.

If you would like any more information you can contact me on this e-mail, or at the office on 020 7633 2813. If you know anyone who might be interested please give them my details.

Thank you very much,

Thomas Dearden

This Post was written by Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie


Cottage Smallholder said...

I got the same email. But when I try to reespond I am butted back into the ether. What's going on?

Cottage Smallholder said...

Ahh, I see the problem. The email address that I was sent is different than the one on your letter.

Margaret said...

I was sent a similar email over a week ago, this was passed on to me from Heart of England Fine Foods. I then emailed him back and suggested he got in touch with all UK Foodbloggers - and this is now what he has done!!

Celine said...

Yeah, I received that too and I emailed him back. If anything I'd join just to see what this is all about and what goes on behind the cameras. Anyone interested?

Richard Leader said...

So c'mon, is anyone going for this?
My vanity won't allow me not to - I got a call from them this afternoon asking me to go to the 'auditions' in London in a couple of weeks.
The only problem is, someone has already got through with a similar dish to mine, so I have to come-up with a new "signature" dish... by tomorrow morning! One was hard enough...